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The Benefits of Being a Member

Association bégaiement communication supports and encourages its members in their individual approach to stuttering.

By becoming an ABC member:

  • You receive the "Communiquer" newsletter (4 issues per year) and you will be informed of any news and events related to stuttering on a local, national and international scale.
  • In the "Espace membre" (in French only), you have free access to the documentary When I Stutter and the documentary L'Éloquence du bégaiement;
  • You benefit from discounts and even free admission to activities organized by ABC;
  • You get a discount on items in our store.

The ABC is based in Québec, Canada. If you don't currently live in Québec, you can still become a member. In this case, instead of receiving by mail the paper version of our magazine, the "Communiquer" (in French only), you will receive the electronic (PDF) version.

To Subscribe or Renew Your Subscription

The annual cost of membership or renewal is $20 for individuals and $50 for professionals and begins on the payment date.

There are two options available:

  • Electronic payment: Click on "Renewal" or "Registration" (if you’re a first-time member) and fill out the form. After clicking "Confirm", you will be redirected to PayPal for payment (you don’t need a PayPal account). ABC members can also renew their membership in the "Espace membre" (in French only).
  • Payment by mail: Print the form appropriate to your situation (see the links to the PDF files below). Mail it to us along with your cheque to 6970, Christophe-Colomb, Room 201 Montreal (Quebec), Canada, H2S 2H5.

Please note that all membership-related documents (registration form, "Communiquer" magazine, automated emails, etc.) are available in French only. In addition, most of our services and activities are offered only in French.

Formulaire d'adhésion pour membres particuliers (PDF)
Formulaire d'adhésion pour membres professionnels (PDF)
Formulaire de renouvellement pour membres particuliers (PDF)
Formulaire de renouvellement pour membres professionnels (PDF)

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Veuillez indiquer la catégorie de membre souhaitée :

Confirmer *Information requise **L’adhésion et le renouvellement à l’Association bégaiement communication est valide pour une année à partir de la date de paiement.

N’oubliez pas d’inclure votre chèque de 20$ dans l’envoi, ou de payer en ligne par PayPal via le bouton.

Take Part in Our Activities

In order for ABC to remain a vibrant organization, member participation is essential!

ABC holds regular activities such as support meetings, and occasionally organizes one-time events like documentary screenings and social activities. To find out more about a certain event, click on the corresponding date.

Calendar of Events


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Sonia Dusseaux, coordonnatrice responsable à l’ABC, animera une soirée discussion via zoom , de 19h à 20h30. Nous avons hâte d’échanger avec vous. Lien Zoom :

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Panel Annoncer son bégaiement ou non

En 2024, l’ABC souhaite offrir une série d’événements en ligne mensuels. Cette série d’ateliers, panels et présentations en ligne est animée par Sonia Dusseaux, coordonnatrice principale à l’ABC, et Geneviève Lamoureux, orthophoniste et responsable de projets spéciaux à l’ABC, toutes deux personnes qui bégaient. Ouverts à tous – personnes qui bégaient, proches, et orthophonistes – […]

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