Stuttering, whispering and phone calls

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Two Dutch researchers, Robert Van de Vorst and Joris Castermans, are studying the connection between stuttering, phone calling habits and whispering. 

They are wondering, among other things, whether people who stutter could potentially be interested in using an intelligent app (on a cell phone) that would allow them to whisper during a call. The person on the other end of the call would perceive a non-whispering voice (so they would have no idea that the other person is whispering). 

To contribute to this research, we invite you to fill out this short survey:…/1FAIpQLSexg38_uTnPQk…/viewform

For more information about the project and the research team, visit 

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Please note that the researchers are not necessarily taking on the responsibility of the application in question. Rather, they are interested in the potential benefits of the concept as well as the feedback and needs of people who stutter.