Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering

***Covid-19 limitations make a face-to-face meeting for the JWCSC in July 2021 not feasible. Therefore, the originally scheduled meeting date will be postponed, pending discussion of options for a new date in 2022, that is optimal for all parties, or other options in years and format. We, therefore, are not accepting proposals at this time.  As new dates and deadlines for program submission become available, we will announce them at the earliest possible time.

If you have submitted a proposal, we will not keep it on file. We welcome you to submit your proposal to the newly scheduled meeting once details for the rescheduled meeting become available.***

As announced in the March 2019 issue of "Communiquer" as well as on our social media platforms, Montreal has been selected as the host city for the second Joint World Congress of the International Fluency Association (IFA), International Stuttering Association (ISA) and International Cluttering Association (ICA) from July 22 to July 25, 2021. 

This four-day congress will bring together stuttering and cluttering specialists (speech therapists, geneticists, neurobiologists, etc.), as well as people who stutter or clutter from all over the world, whether involved in support groups or not. 

Congress Theme 

After a long process of careful consideration and deliberation, the planning committee agreed on a theme: "One World, Many Voices: A Global Collaboration". 

This theme partially incorporates the theme of the founding congress held in Hiroshima in July 2018 ("One World, Many Voices: Science and Community"), which was unanimous ... or close to it! The theme of the 2021 congress is intended to bring people together ("One World"), while encouraging the expression of different points of view ("Many Voices"). 

The theme also fosters collaboration, not only between specialists and researchers, but especially between these same specialists and researchers and people who stutter or clutter. 

The Hiroshima event provided some indication that people who live with stuttering or cluttering should be given a significant voice in the organization of the congress. The subcommittee for the congress program took notice of this observation. 

It is anticipated that a sizeable portion of the program will be dedicated to workshops similar to those held during our networking events and at the National Stuttering Association congress, i.e., workshops by and for people who stutter or clutter. This is great news for ABC and its members, who will have the opportunity to submit workshop proposals. 

Call for Papers 

The deadline for submitting proposals for the congress has been extended to February 10, 2021. For more information, please visit

More Information About the Congress 

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