When I Stutter

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Released in 2017, the documentary When I Stutter follows 19 people who stutter over a period of four and a half years. Their stories are interspersed with explanatory facts that shed light on this speech disorder. We also witness a young man’s progress in therapy, and the relationship of trust that develops between him and his speech therapist. When I Stutter paints a humanizing and touching portrait of stuttering. 

The documentary was presented at numerous festivals in the United States and abroad. It has won several awards, including the Internal Fluency Association’s 2018 Supporter of People with Fluency Disorders Award.  

For more information about the film, visit whenistutter.org

ABC members can view the documentary online for free. When you become an ABC member, you receive a promo code by e-mail which allows you to do so.  

If you lost the code, don’t worry! You can simply enter your membership number in the box at the bottom of this page and your code will appear automatically. 

Follow these easy steps: 

– go to http://experience.whenistutter.org/ 
– click on “Rent for $9.27, 72-hour streaming period”
– a window will pop up. Do not enter any banking information. 
– enter your access code in the “Apply Promo Code” space (you must log into the Vimeo platform to enter the code

ABC is very proud to have funded the French subtitling for this documentary. The translation allows French-speaking communities around the world to benefit from the documentary’s positive effects, including quality information on stuttering and increased public awareness.