Who We Are

The « Who We Are » project is born from the initiative of Ronan Miller, a linguist and person who stutters. ABC is proud to offer a bilingual platform for this project.

A collection of voices

« Who We Are » is a collection of stuttered voices, accessible online for free. It is an audio declaration of love for the diversity that exists within the stuttering community. Our goal is to represent as many languages, accents, and different voices as possible.

We want to make stuttered voices from around the world heard, by giving them a place in the media, starting with those accessible online.

I want to add my voice!

To make your voice heard, simply record yourself (in audio format, 2 to 5 minutes). The goal is to share on a subject that interests you or is close to your heart.

The only limitation is that the recording should not focus on the topic of stuttering itself. There are other platforms for sharing about that. « Who We Are » aims to amplify the voices of people who stutter, who simply exist in the world and talk about what matters to them.

You can record on a phone or a computer, whichever is most convenient for you. Once you’ve finished, please fill out this form. If you prefer, you can also send your recording directly to gen.lamoureux@abcbegaiement.com.

You can also record your voice in French.

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