World Stuttering Network

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The World Stuttering Network (WSN) is an international community of people who stutter. 

« Our purpose is simple: Bring together and build into Stuttering Support Group Leaders from around the world. Assist world stuttering support organizations to create a support group network or expand existing. Provide best practices solutions for support group management. Help each other grow through interesting meeting content & innovative tools. If you help stutterers–we help you. Affiliation isn’t relevant–no competition here. We break the silo with information; we share what works. No donations needed or accepted. We are better together! » 

Among other things, the WSN organizes many free online meetings for adults who stutter. It also holds regular speed friending events (meeting one-on-one with another person who stutters on Zoom). World Stuttering has also launched the WSN Youth Committee World Tour, which are online meetings for young people who stutter. Children and teens from all over the world are connected at the same time to share their experiences. The meetings are held in English. For more information on these activities, contact 

WSN is also behind the Speed Friending video initiative. To participate in a video interview on Zoom with Tom Scharstein, host of the Speed Friending videos, send an e-mail to The purpose of these videos is to allow you to share your story as a person who stutters. All stuttering voices are welcome. 

Certain ABC members, administrators, friends and volunteers have participated in Speed Friending interviews. Check them out here: 

The World Stuttering Network is a valuable resource, both for people who stutter and for speech-language pathologists!